Finding a Date

Since the release of Tinder in 2015, the app has steadily grown in popularity. The founders developed the swiping function, which is still used in dating apps today, and made Tinder a fixture in pop culture overnight. But the dating app used by millions of users has lost its attraction. Nowadays, the application represents a questionable reputation rather than successful dating. If you are looking for a date and innovative features, we recommend switching to an alternative application top 10 hookup sites.

With well over 50 million users worldwide, Lovoo is a real heavyweight among dating apps. This alternative is primarily aimed at a young and digital target group. Almost half of all users are under 24 years of age. The app helps people come into contact with one another through similar hobbies and interests.

As usual, you first register with your email address or log in directly via your Facebook profile. The name, birthday and gender are then quickly entered, a picture is uploaded and off we go. By accessing the location function of this app, you can search for possible dates in your area on a radar. In order not to miss potential matches, you can always see who is visiting your profile.

Lovoo is primarily suitable for young people who want to meet new people for friendships or relationships. Although the app has a huge number of users, it is not a revolution in the dating app market.

When starting out on the path to dating it can be daunting sometimes, most of the time when you find a date it happens without you even thinking about it and sometimes when you least expect it. There are many ways and places to finding a date, and with the technology around today the options for finding someone are greater than years gone by.

The world is getting smaller as we know it and more and more people are being brought together than ever before. Even the shyest among us are able to interact with others in a way like never before.

Places to meet

For most people finding a date is as easy as walking down the street, or simply waiting for a bus or train. There have been stories about people just going to the supermarket to do their weekly shop, bumping shopping trolleys which would spark a conversation and the next thing you know a date has been made.


Work is also a good place to meet someone and some dates made through work have resulted in long term relationships and even marriage.

Bars and clubs

Bars and clubs are obviously a very good place to meet people, after a few drinks people come out of their shell and seem more approachable. Friends of other friends can also be a good option, going on a blind date can be very good fun.

There are literally hundreds of places to meet new people, you just need to pluck up a little courage to make the first move, a smile and a simple hello, sometimes that’s all it takes. In years gone by it was always the man’s job to make that move, to spark up a conversation and take it from there, but times have changed.

It is quite common nowadays for a lady to do this and not feel out of place doing so, there is nothing wrong with this at all, this is the twenty first century after all and times have changed.

Online dating

With the introduction and the popularity of home computing, it has opened up even more doors for people to find a date, you are spoilt for choice. On line dating has become very popular and gives even the least outgoing person a chance to find someone, because you get the opportunity to get to know someone without talking face to face straight away, which the shy people out there will relate to.

There really are so many different ways to finding a date and maybe that special someone, it may take a little time and patience but most of the time, when you are not even thinking about it.

Just remember that dating is fun and exciting, it can make the most mature of us fell like we did when we were teenagers, going on the very first date.

Just remember a smile can be all it takes to get you a date with the person you could spend the rest of your life with, be happy, have fun and the very best of luck to you all.

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