Anniversary Dating Ideas

advert2Dating is the most romantic activity of two people with the sole aim of reaching each others heart and understanding or adjusting with the mental temperament of one’s partner. There are many type of dating like online dating, mobile dating, virtual dating etc.

Well, couples before marriage have a different attitude towards dating where the purpose of dating is to know and spend some quality time with each other. Married couples on the other hand have a different attitude towards dating. Since, married couples hardly get time to spend with each other because of their busy schedule and individual responsibilities, so a date provides them with an opportunity to blow off their steam.

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On the other hand newly married couples are busy with their new responsibilities, so a date acts as a sped breaker and provides them with a chance to relax.

Married couples eagerly wait for a special day, the day when they can feel close to each other and it is the anniversary date. This day is a very special day for married couples. Generally they don’t express their excitement or their expectations but they never mind to get a pleasant surprise from their partners or from the other family members.

Couples, here are some anniversary dating ideas for you to get the smile on your partner’s lips (the one that you died to see after the first day of your marriage). Make your anniversary special and memorable to see your beloved smile like never before by looking at these anniversary dating ideas.

  • A memorable gift: A surprise gift for your partner. Giving an anniversary gift to your partner is a good idea and you should plan in advance. When he/ she is unaware of your gift , the excitement you see in his/ her face after receiving the gift is a pleasure that can’t be expressed through words. Try to give your partner which he/ she likes or love most. For this you have to be very much aware of choice. Though the gift that you give is immaterial and the only thing that holds importance is the expression of your care, love, feelings towards your partner.
  • Go on a holiday with your partner: In a busy schedule, it is not possible to spend time with each other. If you want to have a grand time with your partner then just go for a short tour of a romantic place. Rather than going for a dinner, movie or shopping, it will be more romantic if you can just go out of the city. It can give you an opportunity to spend some intimate moments with your love away from your responsibilities and regular tensions. A short tour will serve as a change from the daily routine.
  • Re-live the first day you met: The best moment of your life was when you meet your partner for the first time and it is something that you can never forget. Even after marriage it is not possible to recreate the same moment even if you have your partner so close to you. That day is much memorable as that’s the first time to get in touch, to know some unknown one with lot of question and excitement in your mind. So just surprise your partner by bringing those days back. For instance you can visit the place you first met each other and spend some time reliving those unforgettable moments. Go for an event or activity that he/she likes just for the sake of your partner. You can also re-arrange your marriage ceremony in a very creative manner and have a small party with all the close ones you want to share your joy.

Anniversary is a day for you and you partner to celebrate the sweet bonding that you share and had taken the pledge to carry forward for your lifetime. So, just let your hair down, remember all the anniversary dating ideas and enjoy it in the company of your beloved!

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