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The following product has received MORE reviews than any other E-books from a huge number of dating subscribers. I recommend you check it out:

300 Creative Dates Book

Best Overall Dating E-Books – 300 Creative Dates

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I strongly advice you to check out 300 Creative Dates. What I love about this book is that it contains great comprehensive explaination on perfect places to go on a date and which places to go according to you and your partner’s mood. It also talks about what you should and should not do on the date and many more.

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These Books below are also VERY good and it is worth checking. I’ve looked at 20 dating books (which you learn about the secrets of dating, finding romance and a lot more) and these are the best of the best:
The Magic of Making Up

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Best to Getting your Ex Back – The Magic of Making Up

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The Magic of Making Up is an comprehensive book to bring your ex back in your life. It gives you lots of tips and techniques to use to get your ex back including activities for you to complete to set your mind.

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Visit 1000 Questions for Couples

Best Questions for Couples – 1000 Questions for Couples

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This top-notch 1000 Question for Couples is a fantastic book for getting to know your partner. What is amazing about this book is that there are many questions to ask about your partner  about his/her life, convections, beliefs, sex and many more. Since there are 1000 questions, you can find out wither your partner is your true love or not.

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Best Guy gets the Girl – Be the Guy who gets the Girl

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This comprehensive E-book Guy gets girl shows you how to be in a seduction community to get a girl. The reason why this book is so great is that the author is a woman and she gives her own tips and advice such as how female mind works, conversation to avoid on the first date, etc. This provides a great chance for guys to get a girl even shy girls.

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Insider Seduction Advice

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Best Seduction Advice – Insider Seduction Advice

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The great thing about the Insider Seduction Advice is that it is a 6 day course for women and men to get a date and be on a relationship. For men it teaches you a pratical exercise on how to attract girls, advice on what women value men, how to compliment girls, and many more. For women, it teaches you how to enjoy the relationship, how to compliment a man with knock out lines, learning how to purge anxiety and many more. This is a fantastic course and worth working on to get your ideal partner.

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