Dating a Friend

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Heterosexual males have a different definition of relationship, but most relationship emerges out of friendship. Getting close to someone, spending time with each other and developing the relationship into a different level is how the theory of friendship and love is known. However, many people don’t understand the transition of a friend to a date and eventually to a romantic partner.

To start dating a friend, it is necessary that both the partner should have a similar feeling. Entering into a friendship can be easy, but pushing one of the partners to be a date or a lover can ruin the friendship and any chances of a potential relationship.

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Talking about the chances of dating could be the foremost thought in your mind but while voicing the concerns should be carried on a careful thought.

Generally, when two people are in a transition from a friend to a dating partner, they remain unsure about the right way to act. Once the friendship rules have been established, it can be very stressful to come out of these rules instantly. Even holding each other’s hands in public and kissing each other good night can be difficult at times, somehow it would feel strange.

Discomfort can be from both the sides, but often the concerns are not shared. Thus it is very necessary that you communicate the concerns with each other or it might lead to bigger problems in future.  It is always better that you admit about the uncomfortable situation with this transition from friend to lovers and should immediately work it out together. The basis of all relations in the world, other than what you share with your parents, is friendship. So, it is imperative that you come with a very open mind while dating a friend. Never try to push for a love relationship and provide your partner with little space and time.    

There could be a discomfort about the habits and some traditions which have been well established and it could be more difficult if you are into the friendship for a long time. However, if you are having the friendship for just few months, then it would be a little less intricate to accommodate the transition.  

While dating a friend, there won’t be any luxury of knowing each other gradually. People who have started dating from friendship, they know each other for a quite long time and thus they tend to move very fast. Couple who have known each other for quite sometime can face few difficulties when they begin with their romantic feelings. There is a strong indication that the couple may jump into a serious kind of relationship.

The best way to dating a friend is to behave naturally. Get each other with the time and space for adjusting with this change and spend time as relaxing as before. Don’t be too pushy about sex unless you both are ready. To every possibility sexual relationship can ruin the friendship, so you don’t want to do that, right?

The foundation of every successful relationship is based on friendship but if you want to jeopardize to take it on to the next level, then there is every chances of ruining the bond. Even if you start dating someone, focus on the friendship and then try to be the love birds. 

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