Dating Older Women: She’s like fine wine

Need Seduction Advice? Click HereDating older women is “Like fine wine, women gets better with age” –few people supposes it to be a myth, but with fine signs of wrinkles or with minor traits of grey hair, women turns more appealing and seductive. There is something about women which turn on the young men. Men refer older women as “cougars” while for women, younger men are “boy toys”. Although considered as a cliché but here is a reality, which you would find common among most of the celebrities. Nowadays you may witness such instances in your neighborhood too.

However a question still lingers! Why younger men love dating older women? What are the things a man should consider while dating an older woman? Here are few guidelines for you…

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When you are dating an older woman there can be every chance that, she has been in a few relationship before and thus she knows better about how men react, what their desires are and how they try to impress. So better not do anything stupid or flirt excessively to impress her, that won’t break the ice. Compromise and independence are the keywords for a sustaining relationship with an older woman. If you are someone who always tries to do things in your way, then you will be on a tough ride my friend!

Older women are mostly independent and professionally accomplished. Even if she is raising a family she will like to have a good source of income. Thus if you are ready with your commitments –both financially and emotionally, then there shouldn’t be any problem. However you have to be realistic about the future because you may to carry on these responsibilities forever.

While going into a physical relationship and dating older women, there is less chances of conceiving. So in case if you are planning for kids in the future, there are fewer chances of kids and you cannot ignore the fact. Although there are few options like adoption, surrogacy and IVF treatment, but the process can be lengthy, expensive and even frustrating. Before going into a long term relationship with an older woman, you may have to accept the woman with her kids and family. Be pragmatic and assess yourself that what impact the women and her family will cast upon your life.

The sexual urges of women increase later in her life while in case of men it emerges earlier. This could be a perfect sync for a younger man and an older woman. Be prepared to listen to her wishes and desires and thus you cannot expect that she would behave like a ‘young brunette’. Allow her to be in the driver’s seat and that would turn out to be a new kind of sexual experience.

Another important concern  is health- when you are in a relationship or dating older women, who are around 45-55, there could be few health concerns and mood swing problem due to her menopause. She can have extreme fluctuation in her hormone level which might cause anxiety, depression, memory problems and other symptoms. Thus be aware of all her problems and take care of that, if you want to see her happy.

Generally, an older woman seeks for a security, a support in your arms…so assure her with that and you could find a soul mate in her.

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