Dating Tips for Men

Click Here for Seduction AdviceThe concept of dating is accepted in most of the societies and now days it has become a trend. For men dating is an excitement of meeting a girl, known or unknown. It has always being known to us that for a man a girl means an enchantress or an angel. So the dating for him is somehow a matter of a new incident going to happen of which he will be experiencing.

The ideology of men can rarely be discovered by a girl as it fickle a lot. Dating is a very auspicious moment for a man and sometime most of them are scared or get tense about dating. This is all about saying that you will never get a second chance to impress, if you miss your first chance. Keeping that in mind get fully prepared for a date to impress in a first crush. Look at the list of dating tips for men below.

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Best dating tips for men to cast the right impression:

Freshened up 

To be true men are little casual with their look. The worst can be happen if you look dirty, unshaved and stinging. Girls are very much cautious about cleanliness and they used to judge a man like that, how clean you are! So have a clean bath to look fresh and smell nice. To look fresh you don’t have to put much effort, just have a good shower or bath.


How much busy are you just don’t be late in your date. Girls don’t like to wait much in a crowd, thus being late just send a wrong impression to her. May be for the first time she can go through the hurdle of waiting little long but as the days will move it will be very offensive one. She can think that you are giving less importance to her, not caring enough. So reach 5 minute early rather to get 5 minute late.


Women are much concern about the present by her boyfriend. They are very sensitive about the gift item, so it means a lot to them if you present her a thoughtful gift. it may be roses with a sweet card having good content, small ornament, chocolate bugs, romantic show piece and there are many. You need to know the girl ideology before purchasing a gift for her.

Gentleman attitude

Be a little gentleman with a polite attitude towards her; let her walk through the door first, pull her chair. Women feel to be very special for you and you will be man of her dreams.

Compliment her

Do you know what a girl mostly wants to hear from a boy? compliment. She feels like in a heaven if you give little complement to her look, the dress she wore for you. The better compliment you give it will create more impact. But remember don’t go overhead it sound overhead.

Pay for the date

The gentlemen attitude is to always offer to pay for the date. Some time girl feel awkward if for the whole date you just show that attitude then don’t hesitate to give the one chance to her also to pay for the date. To avoid awkwardness, don’t let her know that you are planning to pay for the item.

 Good conversation

The last thing you want to be sitting for a meal or dinner and nothing to talk makes the date too bored. So just shut your lips and start the first conversation from your side. You can ask something about her which also gives you the option to let her know. But remember avoid to talk about past relationship or about other woman. While you are in date just give your full attention to her and that’s what she expect from you.

Follow these dating tips for men and you can win a girl’s heart with another date.

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