First Date Ideas


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Preparing for the first date with a new partner can be nerve wracking even for the experienced people. The key to success for the first date ideas is to take it easy & decide that you would have a great time with your partner and just relax.

In a first date, the first impression is important since it will help you to get relived from the pressure and will allow you to perform in the best possible way.

With few first date ideas and tips, you could easily have a wonder first date and would pave the way for the second one.

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The cliché concepts of “movie and dinner” are the most commonly used and so wouldn’t you try to do something different? Sometimes a woman may feel uncomfortable while eating in front of a stranger, while sitting together watching a movie doesn’t allow get to know each other. In the first date a couple should allow themselves to know each other in a new way and discover each other’s behavior so that would attract to meet each other once again. The first date is all about entertainment for both the partners and it should be memorable too. Thus to make to make your first date enjoying and memorable, here are few first date ideas:

  • Exciting sporting activities like skating, hiking, biking, swimming etc
  • Visiting tourist attractions like art galleries, museum, zoo, amusement park etc
  • Trying regular conversations in places like bakery, coffee bars, parks etc

The whole point is to enjoy each other’s company and to keep the activities on a low note so that you could take a pleasing start. Apart from the planned times, venues or activities, here are few dos and don’ts which would help you to encounter with immediate problems in your first date.


  • Be yourself, try not to hide your secrets on activities, favorite foods, movies
  • Always experiment with outrageous activities but the your partner must be willing to experience
  • Carry extra cash and your cell phone to meet any unforeseen activity


  • Don’t speak continuously about yourself, rather share the conversation and allow with scopes of asking question to know the person better
  • Avoid controversial topics like a social issue, war or politics (often these are boring) and engage into a vociferous debate
  • If the first date doesn’t work as expected, doesn’t draw a conclusion instead plan for a second one inn  better way

If the first date goes smoothly, then you can expect for a second one! For a second date it is necessary to keep in touch and thus exchange phone numbers, emails and sometimes home addresses so that you could fix the next date. But if you didn’t feel comfortable enough with your partner, there is no need for all these.

When you want a second date, make sure that you get in touch with the person. After the first date, send a thank you message via email, text message and express yourself that you are looking forward for a second meeting. Some times with luck or by patience, you could earn a second date and hence a solid friendship or a roman tic relationship for a lifetime by following these first date ideas. 

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