First Date Tips

300 Creative DatesWhen going on a first date, there are a few first date tips to remember if you want to make sure there will be a second. Nothing too drastic just very simple things that really do go a long way, you are bound to be a little nervous that is to be expected,  just remember that your date is feeling exactly the same way if not more so.

Your date should be fun for both of you but without going over the top in any way, you want to impress but without it looking like you are showing off. Keep in mind that your first date could be with the person you will spend the rest of your life with.

The first and most obvious is location, where are you going to meet? Clubs and bars are not really a good idea for a first date, they can be very loud and make it hard to strike up any kind of conversation.

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A restaurant is a good idea as they are still public but give you the chance to talk, just make sure about any specific eating habits, vegetarian or vegan etc. Wear something smart but casual, don’t go overboard with a three piece suit or ripped jeans, prepare something in advance so you don’t just throw on what comes to hand at the last minute.

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To avoid any uncomfortable silences, have some topics in your head already and you won’t be lost for something to say. Always arrive on time, a little early is fine but never late. If you have a mobile telephone switch it to silent, there is nothing worse than being on a date and the other person is talking or texting someone else, you can always check when you go to the toilet.

Everyone likes to laugh so a few funny stories or funny things that have happened to you, but without going overboard. A little friendly flirting never hurt anyone either but again know when to stop, you don’t want them to think that you have a one track mind and only after one thing.

Make sure you are enjoying yourself as this will relay to your date and you can rest assured that they will be having a good time too, but do not drink too much as this will definitely  give them the wrong idea and your first date with will be your last. Just be yourself, be attentive and polite and don’t expect too much, it is only the first date but could lead to many more.

So basically, the secret to a successful first date is too enjoy yourself and have fun without going over the top. Remember you have nothing to prove, you are two people with a mutual attraction which lead to the date in the first place.

Finally, it is an old saying but very true, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression, so make it count and remember these first date tips, which you won’t go far wrong.

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