1000 Questions for Couples review

Reviewer: Andrew Darson1000 Questions for Couples
Website Reviewed: 1000 Questions for Couples E-Book

There has been over 50% of infidelity and 33% divorce rate. This is mainly because the couple doesn’t know about each other. 1000 Questions for Couples is written for couples to ask right questions to prevent breaking up or divorces and also to provide complicated questions for couples to ask each other even if they don’t think about asking.

The author of this book is Michael Webb who is a well known man who also written the book 300 Creative Dates.

1000 Questions for Couples contains 90 pages and the questions are grouped in to related topics such as Personality, Friends and Family, Attractions, Hobbies and Entertainment, Feelings and Emotions, Vacations, Drugs and many more questions to ask one and another.

when I was reading the questions I found it very easy to read and follow as the author has structured the topics very well. By asking these questions you will get to know more of each other point of views, opinions of one and another, which will help you to understand more about your partner.

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One thing that I really like about 1000 Questions for Couples is that it provides you with special bonus, which you get 3 to 5 questions emailed to you every day. This is great because you can forward these questions to your partner if you’re at work or if you on holiday and you want to know more about your partner.

When I get questions emailed to me, I sometimes ask my partner the questions using online messenger and talk about it. This is very valuable especially those who are in a far distance relationship.

This book is for all the couples who are in different levels of relationship. For couples who already started a relationship, this can help you to know more about your partner in a short period of time. Just like me I got to know more about my partner when I asked her few personal questions and I never been so opened to my partner.

This book also helps if you are married as the 1000 questions for couples can bring you and your partner closer together or even if you just started to been on a commitment, which can help you know if your partner really is your true love.

Overall, 1000 Questions for Couples is a great book that will provide couples an advantage of a long lasting happiness in a relationship and to share secrets to one another and being truthful.

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