Romantic Date Ideas

300 Creative Date How many times have you heard someone say ‘romance is dead’? Well it is not, there are millions of people who still believe in romance. Even those who think that they are not, really are, there are so many little gestures we do every day that are very romantic indeed.

Dating is where romance comes into its own, from the very first date you have with someone to a date with your partner. There are so many great romantic date ideas out there even for the least among us, there are so many ways to make that special someone’s heart skip a beat and make them feel very special indeed.

The most well known romantic date has to be a candlelight dinner with a bottle of champagne, dim lights and soft music, an old idea but still works wonders even today. Whether in a beautiful restaurant or at home, it still has the same effect.

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Or if it is a nice day, why not take a picnic to a secluded part of a park, or the sea with the sound of the waves washing along the shore, ideally late afternoon so you can sip your champagne while watching a beautiful sunset in each other’s arms.

Ice skating is perfect for a date , what better way to get someone to fall into your arms without even trying and you can skate along holding hands for support, or so they think.

Walking alongside a river or canal is very popular also, just ambling along until you find a lovely pub with a garden, where you can enjoy a light lunch and watch the river boats float by, feed the ducks and then walk back holding hands. Or maybe hire a boat and just float along merrily, enjoying the scenery and your partners face glistening in the sunlight.

What about a romantic night camping, find a lovely spot with a roaring fire, all your partners favourite foods, a chilled bottle of wine and toast marshmallows while gazing at the stars in the night sky.

Some multiplex cinemas have very quiet nights, so why not telephone them and ask if you can hire one of the screens for a few hours, have your partner’s favourite movie playing, with a selection of goodies ready prepared and you can sit in the back row just like the good old days. Even at night in watching a movie and a take away can be made more romantic, with soft lights or none at all, telephones off and no interruptions or distractions, just huddled up together on the sofa.

There really are so many romantic date ideas to bring romance into your life, whether on a first date or a date with a long term partner. All it takes is a little forward planning and a little thought as to what would make the person you are doing it for sigh. Romance is most certainly not dead and just by taking a little time and effort, you will reap the rewards.

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