Speed Dating Tips

Need Seduction Advice? Click hereFast money, fast foods and fast games all are in…Now this is what you call an impatient generation! They want 8 minute abs, 1 minute managers, 2 minutes noodles and no wonders even the concept of 3 minute dating is on the pipeline. To some country this is already a hottest trend. But what is the boom is all about? Quite simple…its hilarious, its fun and a great time pass. Something similar to the musical chairs for the adults! Below are speed dating tips.

This is how it happens –women sit on numbered chair and men join them for a three minute date. Each one sits with one woman and start chatting, smiling, and then the buzzer goes on and the man moves on to the next chair.

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There is scoreboard ticking for each one and after a round, the participants check the scoreboard and the winner is entitled for a gift. That’s the simple way of speed dating. Do you want to try?

On an average night you could go with 40 dates without even sacrificing a single drop of sweat. Most of the people make an average of 6 matches which means that you can date with 6 women in a match. Not too bad!! However there are few drawbacks about casting the right amount of impression on every girl, so for doing that you need to take care of few things.

Improve on your looks and make a great impact with a smile. The body language should be right so that woman feel approachable and finds you attractive. The color of your attire should be the right one to create an “on-spot thrill”. For example wearing red could be very attractive and recharges you mentally. This is one of very important speed dating tips as you can easily attract an ideal partner. 

Sometimes it is not necessary to be always fair –after all though it’s not a war but love definitely. In this regard ‘deal breakers’ could be of great help. Your competitors might want a smoking break or can be allergic to cats. So getting few ‘deal breakers’ on the table, could go well in your favor but you need to apply them smartly.

While conversing with your date, keep it clean and free from anything odd like sex…its better to ask something hilarious like “if you are a serial killer, where would you keep the bodies?” If you want to be the “man-magnet”, get yourself a cinnamon or vanilla perfume to jumpstart with your attraction. In case of women, trying out black licorice perfume would be wonderful with a seductive appeal. After all you want to attract the best among the lot! Why not go for the kill?

In most cases, after the winners have been announced, the couple could possibly have a gift to go on a date together. That’s the charm of this speed dating game. If you have found your match, you can decide to go on a date but this time its not three minutes, may be for three hours. However precautions are necessary to consider…, like carrying cell phones, proper information of the dating place and about the person as well. It is better to prepare a list of the things that you need to go on a date. Just to avoid the last minute frenzy searches.    

Speed dating concepts are growing but somehow somewhere the essence of trust, faith, loyalty and most importantly the feelings are missing…after all in most cases the next step of dating is love, right? Follow these speed dating tips and you will be in love.

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