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Reviewer: Andrew DarsonThe Magic of Making Up
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Here is my detailed review on The Magic of Making Up. The Magic of Making Up is an E-book that covers solid and comprehensive explanation on how to get back with your ex. Maybe you had a fight, or your partner cheated on you, etc the book covers tips and advices on what you should do to get him/her back in your life in any situation. I was delighted by how much tips and advices it provided.

The author of this book is T W Jackson. T W Jackson helped many people from different countries to get their ex back. In The Magic of Making Up, he covers topics of what went wrong, why women leave, why men leave, etc. He broke each topic down into following structure:

Understanding stage

This stage explains to core reason why couples are separated. This is an important stage because if you don’t know the real reason why you are separated then it is impossible to get back with your ex.

Getting your head straight

This sections talks about how to deal with your emotions wither you are depressed or angry. When I read about this, when I was reading, people tend to eat a lot of food just to eat away their pain and the author explain in great advice on how to get back on track emotionally.

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Assessing your relationship

This section talks about analysing your relationship by understanding the positive and negative aspects you had as a couple and wither this person is worth fighting for.

Final stage working the plan

This section talks about advice and tactics to use to take action, which are

  • The Fast Forward Technique. This technique helps you to “stir forward” passing your pain of breaking up by following a 5 step process and repeating 2 or 3 times a day.
  • The Instant Reconnect Technique, which is a simple and powerful technique that triggers your partner’s subconscious. This relives the good times of your relationship. This technique can good or bad as this can manipulate your partner if your partner finds out later on that you used this technique but if you use this technique with honesty, you will have great benefit. You may find this technique slightly boring but it is simple to use and many sales people, hypnotists, etc have used it and provided them with great advantage.
  • The Clean Slate Method. This method is simple like the technique above, which enables you to make a brand new start of a relationship. This technique is very powerful because as people get stressed their defensive behaviour starts coming out and you want their behaviour to be the opposite. This method can be used not only to get your ex back but in life in general.

The author also packed this section with lots of strategies and activities to complete and this is a great idea because it pushes people to start taking actions like me. It felt like I was forced to think about my situation with my ex.

I would like to sum up that the Magic of Making up is a book to help everyone getting back with their ex and help everyone deal with their problems and by following his tips and advice, you will have a great chance to get back with your ex.

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